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Archaeology Colloquium

April 11, 2017

Please join us for a talk by Kent Lightfoot on April 17th at 4 PM in Blegen 230, West Bank


The Study of Sustained Colonialism in Archaeological Research: A Case Study from Northern California

Kent G. Lightfoot
Department of Anthropology
UC Berkeley

Lecture Abstract:  The archaeology of colonialism in the Americas is undergoing a significant transformation as scholars rethink the temporal dimension of their work.  Scholars are extending their archaeological investigations beyond indigenous interactions with first wave intruders by examining the full spectrum of colonialism that includes later historical times and contemporary contexts.  In this lecture, I advocate for the study of sustained colonialism that employs a long-term perspective to examine how indigenous populations negotiated with multiple waves of foreigners who often represented multiple colonial programs and interests. I present a case study based on archaeological investigations in the Fort Ross State Historic Park in northern California. The case study examines Kashaya Pomo entanglements with Russian merchants and later settler colonists for over a half a century (1812-1860s).