Art History Courses: Spring 2022

Poster for Early Christian Art
Poster for Indian Empires After 1200
Poster for African American Cinema
Poster for Curatorial Practice
Poster for Art Since 1945
Poster for Renaissance Art
Poster for Art of India
Poster for Intro to Asian Art
Poster for American Art in the Gilded Age
Poster for History of Graphic Arts
Poster for Alternative Media
Poster for Baroque Rome
Poster for European Art of the 18th Century
Poster for Intro to Art History
Poster for Art of the Film
Poster for The Early Modern Archive
Poster for Art of the Ottoman Empire

The Department of Art History is pleased to offer a wide range of courses for the spring 2022 semester. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at

  • ARTH 1001: Introduction to Art History
  • ARTH 1004W: Introduction to Asian Art
  • ARTH 3014W: Art of India
  • ARTH 3018: Art of the Ottoman Empire
  • ARTH 3216W: Chicana and Chicano Art
  • ARTH 3309: Renaissance Art
  • ARTH 3312: European Art of the 18th Century
  • ARTH 3335/5335: Baroque Rome
  • ARTH 3464: Art Since 1945
  • ARTH 3481: Curatorial Practice
  • ARTH 3655/5655: African-American Cinema
  • ARTH 3777/5777: Indian Empires after 1200
  • ARTH 3921W: Art of the Film
  • ARTH 5252: Early Christian Art
  • ARTH 5413: Alternative Media
  • ARTH 5422: History of Graphic Arts
  • ARTH 5565: American Art in the Gilded Age
  • ARTH 8320: Seminar in Early Modern Visual Culture (Topic: The Early Modern Archive)
  • ARTH 8720: Seminar in East Asian Art (Topic: Curatorial Practicum: C.C. Wang at the Weisman Museum)


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