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Fall 2017 Art History Courses

June 16, 2017

ARTH 1002W– WHY ART MATTERS   Introduction to history of topics that investigate power/importance of art both globally and in its diverse forms, from architecture and painting to video and prints.  Sacred space, propaganda, the museum, art/gender, art/authority, tourism.

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ARTH 1004W – INTRODUCTION TO ASIAN ART  South, Southeast, East Asian art/material culture from Neolithic Age to twentieth century.  Credit will not be granted if credit has been received for: ARTH 1004V.

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ARTH 1911 – TOPICS: FRESHMAN SEMINAR: WITCHES, GHOSTS, AND EVIL CLOWNS From ancient images through popular culture and social media, our art, stories, and beliefs have been filled with figures of fear. The returning dead, people with weird powers, demons, monsters, and mad killers haunt our dreams, but also seem to show up during waking hours. People have committed acts of violence based on fears of such beings. Yet we are also drawn to them, depicting and playing with them, and taking on their guises to scare ourselves for fun. This course will investigate these figures of fear, using approaches from art history, folklore, anthropology, and other fields. We will read a variety of texts, and will also encounter and think about legends, art, movies, literature, games, costumes, haunted houses, and objects used for magic and protection. This course will help you build skills of close observation and visual analysis, learn surprising things about your own surroundings, think critically about culture, and deepen your appreciation for the cultural knowledge and play of communication that make folklife, art, and popular culture so rich and remarkable.

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ARTH 1921W – INTRO TO FILM STUDY  Fundamentals of film analysis and an introduction to the major theories of the cinema, presented through detailed interpretations of representative films from the international history of the cinema. Credit will not be granted if credit has been received for: CSCL 1201W, CSCL 1921W, SCMC 1201W.

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ARTH 3009 – MEDIEVAL ART   Medieval art in Western Europe, from around 1000 to the mid-14th century. Works from France, Spain, Germany, Italy, and England examined in their historical context. Cross cultural relations, development of completely new forms of art and techniques, and the processes of realization. Credit will not be granted if credit has been received for: MEST 3009.

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ARTH 3015W – ART OF ISLAM    Architecture, painting, and other arts from Islam's origins to the 20th century. Cultural and political settings as well as themes that unify the diverse artistic styles of Islamic art will be considered. Credit will not be granted if credit has been received for: CLCV 3015W.

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ARTH 3205 – PRE-COLUMBIAN ART   Art/architecture of native peoples of Americas from twelfth century B.C. until arrival of Europeans in sixteenth century. Ways that people living in diverse areas of South America/Mesoamerica used art/architecture. Tools to investigate Pre-Columbian art at more advanced levels.  Credit will not be granted if credit has been received for: AMIN 3205, ANTH 3205, RELS 3322.

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ARTH 3309 – RENAISSANCE ART IN EUROPE   Major monuments of painting/sculpture in Western Europe, 1400-1600. Close reading of individual works in historical context. Influence of patrons. Major social/political changes such as Renaissance humanism, Protestant Reformation, market economy.

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ARTH 3464 – ART SINCE 1945 Broad chronological overview of U.S./international art movements since 1945. Assessment of critical writings by major theoreticians (e.g., Clement Greenberg) associated with those movements. Theoretical perspective of postmodernism.

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ARTH 3577 – PHOTOGRAPHY IN AMERICA             Development of photography, from 19th century to present. Photography as legitimate art form. Portraits/photo albums in culture. Birth of criminal justice system. Technological/market aspects. Politics of aesthetics. Women in photography. Ways in which idea of America has been shaped by photographs.

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ARTH 3926/5926 – CINEMA OF ALFRED HITCHCOCK  Achievement/significance of Alfred Hitchcock. Career including both British/American periods. Major films/television program. Characteristic themes/concerns, traditions that shaped him, influence he had on other films/filmmakers. Biographical, historical, technological, industrial, aesthetic issues surrounding his achievement. 

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ARTH 5301 – VISUAL CULTURE OF THE ATLANTIC WORLD Visual culture of Atlantic world, from Columbus to American Revolution. Visual objects, practices considered in context of Europe's colonization of Americas. Slavery, religious conflict, international commerce, production of scientific knowledge addressed in terms of their impact upon visual imagery.

ARTH 5417 – TWENTIETH CENTURY THEORY AND CRITICISM Trends in 20th-century art theory, historical methodology, criticism. Key philosophical ideas of modernism/postmodernism: formalism, semiotics, poststructuralism, feminism, marxism, psychoanalysis, deconstruction. Prereq: 3464 or instructor consent.

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ARTH 5575 – BOOM TO BUST: AMERICAN ART FROM THE ROARING TWENTIES TO THE GREAT DEPRESSION American art/culture from 1917 to 1940. Boom of post-WWI affluence, bust of stock market crash, Midwestern Dust Bowl. How tumultuous times influenced painting, sculpture, photography, and industrial design.

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ARTH 5781 – AGE OF EMPIRE Artistic developments under the three most powerful Islamic empires of the 16th through 19th centuries: Ottomans of Turkey; Safavids of Iran; Mughals of India. Roles of religion and state will be considered to understand their artistic production.

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