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Learning Abroad Center Instructor of the Month

Steven Ostrow is Named the Learning Abroad Center's Instructor of the Month
August 28, 2017

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Instructor of the Month

Steven Ostrow

Steven Ostrow, Department of Art History, College of Liberal Arts, specializes in early-modern Italian (especially Roman) visual culture, with an emphasis on the post-Tridentine period and 17th-Century sculpture. His current research focuses on sculpture in Rome between the death of Michelangelo and the emergence of Gianlorenzo Bernini. Over spring break, he is leading the seminar Caravaggio: Bad Boy of the Baroque.

1. What are you most looking forward to about teaching this program abroad in Rome?
Being on site and allowing the students to see Caravaggio's actual paintings—instead of in reproduction—and many of them in the original context for which they were painted. Only through this study abroad program can the works really come to life.

2. Why did you choose Rome as the site for this seminar?
I chose Rome for one simple reason: Caravaggio spent the majority of his life and career in Rome.

3. What are the highlights of this program?
The highlights of the program are seeing Caravaggio's paintings "in the flesh," so to speak; gaining a sense of the city in which he lived and worked; exploring the city, its churches, and palaces and seeing (in addition to Caravaggio's paintings) the works of many Renaissance and Baroque artists; and, of course, simply being in one of Europe's most spectacular cities and savoring its sights, food, and way of life.