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Summer Course: Renaissance Art in Europe

April 13, 2020


Course poster for Rennaissance art

ARTH 3309 
Renaissance Art in Europe 
Summer 2020 
8 Weeks (6/8- 7/31) 

ARTH 3309 is a 3-credit lecture course that is intended to satisfy the Arts/Humanities Core within the Liberal Education requirements. In this course you will learn about many of the major monuments of painting and sculpture, and to a lesser extent architecture, created in Western Europe between approximately 1400 and 1600. It was during this period that artists first began to think of themselves as practitioners of a liberal art: they felt that the visual arts—no less than literature or philosophy—could become a vehicle for the deepest reflection on the possibilities, as well as the limits, of being human. It is because of this elevation of the visual arts during the Renaissance that they continue to have a central place in our university curriculum. As an introduction to the history of Renaissance art, this course is premised on two ideas: 1) that the study of the visual arts continues to have a fundamental value as a liberal pursuit; and 2) that the very notion of art as a liberal pursuit is a historical one that must be understood as a product of a particular place and time, namely Renaissance Europe.  

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