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Faculty Bookshelf

  • The New Cambridge History of India

    Author: Catherine Asher
    —The first comprehensive study of the development and spread of architectural achievement under the Mughal emperors, this book is now required reading in South Asian art history.

  • India Before Europe

    Authors: Catherine Asher and Cynthia Talbot
    —A journey across the political, religious, and cultural landscapes of medieval India 1200 to 1750, before the European intervention.

  • Perceptions of South Asia's Visual Past

    Edited by: Catherine Asher and Thomas Metcalf
    —These collected essays explore how attitudes toward South Asia’s visual past shaped a distinctive historical consciousness, a “canon” inextricably bound up with colonialism’s narrative.

  • Becoming Past: History in Contemporary Art

    Author: Jane Blocker
    —This book investigates temporality and the moving target of contemporary art history in light of artists whose works are engaged with historical subject matter, methods, and modes of inquiry.

  • Seeing Witness: Visuality and the Ethics of Testimony

    Author: Jane Blocker
    —Challenging the implicit authority of witnessing the book examines a series of contemporary artworks that make the act of witnessing visible, and thus open to inspection and critique.

  • What the Body Cost

    Author: Jane Blocker
    —Revisiting key works in performance art the book challenges earlier critiques that characterize performance, or body art, as a purely revolutionary art form and fail to recognize its reactionary—and sometimes damaging—effects.

  • Where is Ana Mendieta?

    Author: Jane Blocker
    —An in-depth critical analysis of the Cuban-born artist’s diverse body of work, considering the history of performance art, installation, and earth works, as well as feminism, multiculturalism, and postmodernism.

  • The Two Eyes of the Earth

    Author: Matthew Canepa
    —Investigating the shared ideal of sacred kingship in the late Roman and Persian empires, the book tracks how their emergence both generated conflict and drove exchange during the empires' coexistence.

  • The Bible and the Printed Image in Early Modern England

    Author: Michael Gaudio
    —This book examines the visual culture of print in 17th-century England through the lens of hand-made bible concordances composed by the Ferrar-Collet women of Little Gidding.

  • Engraving the Savage

    Author: Michael Gaudio
    —This book analyzes how the craftmanship of popular engravings of Native American Indians defined the nature of Western civilization by producing an image of its “savage other” and shaping Western responses to indigenous peoples.

  • Machine Art 1934

    Author: Jennifer Marshall
    —This winner of the Robert Motherwell Book Award tells the history of the popular but controversial show of machine parts and products at New York’s Museum of Modern Art, produced in the climate of the interwar period and the Great Depression.

  • Art and Spirituality in Counter-Reformation Rome

    Author: Steven Ostrow
    —An interdisciplinary study of two of the most complex public monuments built in the papal capital during the Counter-Reformation and an interpretive reading of their artistic programs.

  • L'arte dei papi: La politica delle immagini nella Roma della controriforma

    Author: Steven Ostrow
    —An original and detailed analysis of the historical significance of papal policy in the field of architecture and figurative art, relying in particular on the example of Santa Maria Maggiore.

  • Bernini's Biographies

    Edited by: Steven Ostrow et al.
    —This essay collection by historians of art and literature marks the first sustained examination of the two biographies, first and foremost as texts.

  • Critical Perspectives on Roman Baroque Sculpture

    Edited by: Steven Ostrow et al.
    —This book stakes out a new frontier of research on 17th-century sculpture in Rome, looking beyond questions of technique and attribution to focus instead on questions of historical context and criticism.

  • American Photography: A Century of Images

    Authors: Vicky Goldberg, Robert Silberman, and Garrett White
    —This companion book to the PBS series considers some of the 20th century's best-known photographs, examining the diverse roles photography has played in shaping our lives.

  • Redefining Genre: French and American Painting, 1850–1900

    Author: Gabriel Weisberg
    —This catalogue for an exhibition from a French museum examines the period’s developments in genre painting, including subjects, influences, and techniques.

  • Against the Modern

    Author: Gabriel Weisberg
    —Coinciding with an exhibition by the Dahesh Museum of Art, this book pays special attention to the evolution of the artist's work, and brings attention to the real diversity and accessibility that has made Dagnan-Bouveret's work of lasting value.

  • Japanomania in the Nordic Countries

    Edited by: Gabriel Weisberg et al.
    —This study of Japanese influence on the visual arts in Scandinavia reveals how widespread interest in Japanese aesthetics helped to establish notions of a fundamental unity between the arts.

  • Illusions of Reality

    Author: Gabriel Weisberg
    —This book traces Naturalism's development and relationship between different art forms, paying attention to the way artists used Naturalism as a vehicle for understanding the lives of ordinary people at a time of great social transformation.