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Alumni Achievements

Graphic illustration of the interior of a room with on window with the title "Without|Within" on a wall of the room.

Without|Within: BA Capstone Exhibit

Exhibition of twenty-seven undergraduates about to complete their Bachelor of Arts degree. Artists in the exhibition include Nathan Brzycki, Emily Christensen, Thor Cramer Bornemann, Jingyi Dong, Sarah N. Duncan, Joshua Fraser, Evan Halada, Sharon Hoang, Mary Hunsader, Brianna Jean, Karina Kessler, Emily Klesel, Laura Kray, Morgan LaCasse, Sam Maret, Sara Ohlin, Gram Peterson, Lalita Prachanty, Jenna Schlenz, Love (Kristen) Soun, Emma Stalker, Maddie Stumbaugh, Corra Thompson, Alex Tuthill-Preus, Maya Ulrich, Kaylah Vogt, and Lujia Yu.