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Sonja Peterson Presents "The Nature of Paper" at the MN State Fair

Regis Center for Art Alumna and Staff Member Invited to Showcase "Visually Stunning and Intricate Work"
August 29, 2017

This summer, Sonja Peterson (Regis MFA alumni and staff) was invited to create the feature exhibit in the Creative Activities Building at the MN State Fair. In past years, Creative Activities Director, Curt Pederson has invited the The Russian Museum of Art (2015) and The Textile Center (2016) to create the featured exhibit, so this opportunity represents quite an honor for Peterson. This year the decision was to focus on the medium of paper. Peterson's work ranges in scale from large 5' x 10' cut paper pieces to medium-sized or smaller works. Curator Curt Pederson also invited paper artist Eric Gjerde to join her in this opportunity. Gjerde’s 80’ long piece snakes throughout the exhibition space.

Sonja Peterson - State Fair, 2017

The exhibit title is “The Nature of Paper: Cuts and Folds.” All of the work speaks to the natural world and questions where we locate ourselves within, through narrative or general visual references. The Creative Arts Building has a long history of housing a wide variety of exhibits, and is a perennially unique, visual cornucopia for the senses. The Creative Activities Building is the first building on the left at the main entrance to the State Fair and across the street from the University of MN Driven to Discover building.

Sonja says:

"I was incredibly honored to asked to participate in this. My eyebrows raised in wonder as Curt took me on a tour of the Creative Arts Buildings about a month ago. The building was this huge vacant, musty cavern with empty glass cases that looked abandoned in time. Weeks later, I was in awe when I came in to install and witnessed an amazing army of volunteers spread out the building. So many wonderful people that are long time organizers who have waded through the vast sea of arts and crafts to install throughout the building. My senses went on to overload on the second day of install which was also judging day for cookies, cakes and breads. The aromas were a Pavlovian response to forge ahead and install, thinking of a reward of something on a stick I get to go back and see the final results."

The Creative Activities Building is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., every day of the Minnesota State Fair, which runs from August 24 through September 4, 2017.

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