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Zines, Comics, and Books with Corinne Teed

Spring 2021 Department of Art Course Highlight
January 7, 2021

Interested in the art of zines, comics, and handmade books and learning to make your own? Join Assistant Professor Corinne Teed for ARTS 3180 Zines, Comics, and Books. This course will happen remotely on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, with just 2-4 in-person requirements for picking up materials and viewing handmade books and zines. Students will also have the option to learn or practice technical processes with in-person instruction. 

We asked Corinne to tell us a little more about why this class (which has no prerequisites) could be your next favorite class. 

What about Zines, Comics and Books speaks to the times we're living in? 

Zines, Comics and Books are all easy to access media that you can work on from home. With just paper and pen, you can create whole worlds, stories, and narrative structures! With the use of the photocopier, risograph, or digital printer, you can easily print many copies to distribute your stories and ideas to a large audience. Holding others' stories in our hands right now means so much as we experience social distance during a Minnesota winter. What stories do you want or need to tell? What worlds and perspectives do you want to share, copy, and distribute?

What do students enjoy the most about the class?

Our class is a mutually supportive community, full of curiosity, encouragement, helpful feedback, and playful fun. We play a lot of collaborative drawing games that expand our story-telling skills, build confidence in different media, and create a collaborative community. Students work on a collaborative book project together—a colorful publication that everyone leaves the class with a copy of in hand! Students appreciate the skills they learn in the class, but also deeply appreciate the community and collaboration they have with each other.

Who are some of your favorite people working in these media?

To see a great variety of comic work translated through the printing process of the risograph, check out Perfectly Acceptable Press (@perfectlyacceptable). They work with a number of different artists to create hand-printed risograph books full of colorful comics. D. Tessler (@animalsleepstories) is an artist they work with whose work I love as is Bri Brooks (@staytender)

Class starts January 19, 2021. Guest students welcome! (Visit for guest student registration policies & info.)