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Rose Von Muchow Curates Iron-Casting Women

Undergraduate Collaborates on Exhibition with Professor Tamsie Ringler
May 15, 2018

Rose Von Muchow approached professor Tamsie Ringler about putting together a show to celebrate all of the strong women she had met through foundry. She was hesitant at first because she had no curatorial experience, but in talking with Tamsie, it soon became clear that she already possessed the relationships and tools necessary to successfully curate and install a show – she realized that all she needed to do was ask.

Rose Von Muchow
Rose Von Muchow

The duo applied to the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP), which provides some funding and structure for projects created by undergraduates with mentorship by faculty.

Rose was unsure of what to expect as she began to ask artists to be part of the show, but almost every person she reached out to responded enthusiastically. Early on in the planning process, Franconia Sculpture Park very graciously offered the use of their gallery space in the Casket Arts Building, which provided both a physical location for the show and access Franconia staff’s knowledge and experience. 

Rose says, “It was an amazing experience learning the ins and outs of art administration as I worked with them. The whole process from concept to installation has taken about 6 months. I am so grateful for all my wonderful friends and mentors that contributed work, time and energy to the show. I see this project as physical proof of the compassionate, unselfish relationships I have formed with fellow women in ironcasting over the last three years as we continue lift each other up. Tamsie has been one of my greatest influences in the Department of Art, and many of the women in the show I never would have met if not for her.”

When asked about her experience with the UROP program, Rose reports, “I would encourage anyone, especially art students that have never written a grant proposal before, to apply for a UROP. If you are passionate enough about your concept, and know how to sell it, you can absolutely make it happen.”
Rose von Muchow is a multidisciplinary artist living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She works in cast metal, textiles, and other experimental materials. She is currently obtaining a BFA in Art through the University of Minnesota.

The show “Unyielding Shapes: An exhibition of Women in Contemporary Cast Iron” is on view at the Franconia in the City Gallery in the Casket Arts Building in NE Minneapolis through June 2nd.