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ALCM Workshop

For more information about the ALCM workshop, please contact the Department of Asian Languages & Literatures at

Students and faculty of Asian Literatures, Cultures, and Media have organized a workshop for sharing work in progress, engaging in conversation, and furthering research in general. The workshop presents an opportunity for scholars working on some aspect of Asian cultures to come together, share works in progress, and have in-depth discussions of issues of theory and methodology that have relevance across national, regional, and disciplinary boundaries. Though it is designed primarily with ALCM graduate students and faculty in mind, the workshop is open to members of other departments who work on Asia and often attracts people from other areas altogether. Occasionally, guests from other universities are invited to present their work as well.

Meeting on a monthly basis, the workshop covers a variety of topics, disciplinary orientations, regions, and periods. The workshop has proved useful for students at different stages of their careers and faculty interested in giving some of their work an initial hearing. For a schedule of upcoming workshops, please see the list below or visit our News & Events page.

2016–17 Workshops

Title Presenter
October 21, 4:00pm, 112 Folwell Hall: "Perforated Images in Indonesia: A Case Study of the Tricks and Politics of Crosscultural Filmmaking, Art and Research". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Dag Yngvesson, PhD candidate, Department of Cultural Studies & Comparative Literature, University of Minnesota
November 11, 1:00pm, 113 Folwell Hall: "Kimichi Battle:North Korea's Figth for Legitimacy in Our Fragrance". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Dr. Immanuel Kim, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, Binghamton University, SUNY
November 18, 1:00pm, 113 Folwell Hall: "Cinema as Exception: Railroad, Tobacco, Coal-Mining and a Contingent History of Early Korean Cinema". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Sejung Ahn, PhD Candidate, Department of Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota
December 2, 2:30pm, 113 Folwell Hall: "A New Understanding of Saemaul Undong: Now Hear Our Voice". Download an abstract of this presentation here. Dr. Youngmi Kim, Associate Professor, Department of Korean History, Kookmin University

2015–16 Workshops

Title Presenter
"Magic Lantern Shows and Early Screenings in Colonial Taiwan" Laura Jo-Han Wen, PhD candidate in the Department of East Asian Languages & Literature at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
"From Science to Literature and Adabi to Nechuri: Examining the Natural and Denaturalization in Ismat Chughtai" Emily Durham, PhD Candidate in the Department of Asian Languages & Literatures
"Urban Love, Celluloid Illusion: An Analysis of Bombay Middle Cinema of 1970s" Suvadip Sinha, Assistant Professor, Department of Asian Languages & Literatures
"Nandan, Gender Plasticity, and the Dichotomization of 'Artistic' Femininity versus 'Natural' Masculinity from China's Republican Era to the Early PRC Years (1912-Early 1960's)" A dissertation prospectus by Guanda Wu
"Imperial Imaginaries of Japanese Science Fiction: On Oshikawa Shunrō's Kaitei Gunkan" Baryon Posadas, Assistant Professor in the Department of Asian Languages & Literatures
"Colonial Sublime: Ethics, Aesthetics and Political Economy in Early Korean Film Culture, 1897-1948" A dissertation prospectus by Sejung Ahn