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Graduate Students

Our department's graduates students are located at 428 Folwell Hall. For individual appointments, please reach out by email.

Name Contact Specialty
Sejung Ahn  
Yan Chang Modern Japanese literature, Shanghai Republican-era literature, Kitsch study
Yao Chen  
Camila Dodik Modern Japanese literature
Saena Ryu Dozier Historical fiction in Korea, digital cinema, identity formation and visual representation
Emily Durham North Indian vernacular literature, translation studies, world literature, Islamic and South Asian art and culture, internationalism
Chun Wai Fong Japanese literature, Japanese history and Yōkai
Dhrijyoti Kalita  
Sravanthi Kollu Development of history, science, and literary writing in 19th and 20th century South Asia; vernacular literary cultures, linguistic thinking, South Asian revolution and literature
Soo Hyun Lee Korean and Asian cinema, comedy and comic theory; East Asian comedy films
Hui Liu Chinese cinema, popular culture, and comedy; documentary ethics, international cinema
Chuanhui Meng  
Sreyashi Ray Comparative literature and cultural studies, South Asian literatures, Subaltern studies, Dalit literature, Asian film studies, gender and sexuality in literature, Indian art and architecture
Emily Sumner Middle East and North Africa, Yemen and the Diaspora, Discourses of Emotion, Gender, Sung Poetry, Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language
Chen Wang Translation theories and literary translations in early modern China, literary bilingualism and translingual literatures, teaching introductory and intermediate Chinese
Guanda Wu Chinese theatre and drama, modern Chinese literature, teaching Chinese to speakers of other languages