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ALL Academic Advisor
Claudia Hasegawa
220A Folwell Hall

Declare a Major

Students wishing to declare a major in Asian Languages and Literatures can begin by making an appointment with the undergraduate advisor, Claudia Hasegawa. Claudia will look over previous and transfer coursework and guide students through the process of declaration.

Claudia is also able to answer questions about:​

  • Course selection
  • Academic interests and long-term goals
  • Directed study
  • Petitions to use coursework from other departments
  • Extracurricular learning and engagement
  • University policies and procedures
  • Learning abroad
  • Campus support resources
  • Student transfer work fulfilling major/minor requirements
 Call, email, or drop-in with Claudia to set up an appointment to declare. Declared ALL majors can shedule appointments online at

Declare a Minor

Students wishing to declare a minor in Asian Languages and Literatures may email a request to Claudia Hasegawa after successful completion of one minor course. This does not require an appointment, but you may make one.

Learn more about majoring or minoring in ALL: