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Real-World Experience

Sensitivity to and awareness of other people and cultures are among the top five transferable skills that employers look for in applicants—a mix of accuracy and creativity, confidence and flexibility. That’s why we encourage students to look for opportunities to gain real-world experience through participation in faculty projects and internships.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

We also encourage undergraduate students to apply for the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP). This program, sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research, supports research projects dedicated to fulfilling the U of M’s commitment to research and expanding the store of human knowledge and expression. Students who successfully apply will receive a $1,400 stipend to support their research and will also have an opportunity to present their research at various university symposia.

Students who earn a UROP will be mentored by one of nearly 3,000 diverse faculty members and will meet other students who share a passion for discovery about the human condition. The UROP can be used to help you achieve practical goals like your senior capstone project or put you on a path to career. If you desire to pursue a program with UROP, please visit the Office of Undergraduate Research for more information.


Internships allow you to gain experience doing the work of an employee in an organization. CLA Career Services has information on internship opportunities and how to find them.

Student Employment

Student employment is a great way to make connections within the University, as well as learn work/leadership skills. You can find jobs and internships on campus and in the community on GoldPASS.