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Ben Hartmann

December 21, 2016

History and sociology majors and Asian Americans studies and statistics minors, 2017

Benjamin's primary interests include race, immigration, sports, religion, and inequality. Benjamin wrote his thesis for his history major on Japanese Americans who played baseball in Japan during the Cold War. This work, "Modeling the American Way: Japanese American Baseball, American Global Anti-Communism, and Transnational Racialization in Occupied Japan" is being published in Unfound: The Princeton Journal of Asian American Studies which features undergraduate writing in Asian American and Asian diaspora studies. He is completing an honors senior thesis in sociology focusing on the role of xenophobia in current anti-Muslim attitudes in the United States. Benjamin is an active member of the Japanese American Citizen League Twin Cities Chapter Education Board and has served as a mentor for the Asian American Partners for Tomorrow. In his spare time, Benjamin is an avid sports fan and enjoys playing taiko drums.