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Haruka Yukioka

November 3, 2016

Music education and violin performance majorĀ and Asian American studies minor, 2020.

Haruka Yukioka is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in music education and violin performance as well as a minor in Asian American studies. They are currently participating in the University Symphonic Orchestra as well as the University Symphonic Band, and teach privately during their free time. Haruka is also an activist for LGBTQ+ rights and has been featured in Our Lives magazine, a publication that celebrates Madison, Wisconsin's LGBT and Allied Community. They are a League Foundation, PFund, Gay Straight Advocates for Education (GSAFE), and Free/Roth Scholar, and thank the organizations listed for their support. Haruka is especially passionate about justice for Asian Pacific Islanders (API) LGBTQ+ people and hopes to do more work concerning the intersection of those two identities.