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Jia Mikuls

November 3, 2016

Biology and public health majors and Asian American studies minor, 2017.

Jia Mikuls is a senior within the College of Biological Sciences (CBS) who is interested in the intersections between science, health, and culture. She is continuing her education at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health for her master's degree in environmental health sciences. Jia plans to work with underserved/marginalized communities on improving access to healthcare. She is especially interested in the areas of immigrant/refugee health, urban health, mental health, and nutrition. The Asian American studies minor has given Jia the opportunity to look at health through a social justice lens to develop a more wholesome perspective on health and medicine. She is also affiliated with the Dean's Scholars program in CBS and the President's Emerging Scholars program as a peer mentor. In her free time, she likes to be outdoors, listen to vinyl, and drink tea.