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Sunny Vang

November 3, 2016

Sociology major with a policy analysis emphasis and Asian American studies minor, 2017.

Throughout college and throughout her education career, Sunny Vang has felt that there was and still are important narratives and voices missing, and those missing narratives are the voices from Asian American communities. It is important for Sunny to understand the many narratives from the Asian American communities, to understand their history from different perspectives, and to challenge the norms and stereotypes of Asian Americans and other marginalized groups. It is important to see people from her community represented in all fields, not just those communities that only excel in math. Sunny wants others to realize that Asian Americans are complex humans and have complex identities as well. The minor truly aided the process of understanding her own Asian American identity. The minor, supplemented with her sociology major, has helped Sunny develop a critical lens to analyze larger systemic issues as well as the environments around her.