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The Center for Austrian Studies is Seeking Applicants for Assistant Director Position
We're Hiring: Assistant Director and Program Coordinator

The Center for Austrian Studies is Hiring!

The Center for Austrian Studies (CAS) at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities is accepting applications for the position of Administrative Associate 3 (Job Code 8208A3). This position has the working title Assistant Director, and functions as Publications, Research, and Program Coordinator for the Center. This is a 100%-time, 12-month, continuous position subject to the University's Civil Service Rules, with an anticipated start date in summer 2023.

The Center for Austrian Studies supports research focusing on the past, present, and future of Central Europe with a focus on Austria and the successor states of the Habsburg Empire. CAS promotes new scholarship about Austria and Central Europe across disciplines in the humanities, the social sciences, the fine arts, and international business management; connects scholars, students, and an international community to resources in Austria, Central Europe, the EU, and Minnesota; supports outreach to increase awareness of Austria and Central and Eastern Europe and its relevance to American life; enriches the teaching mission of the University and the College of Liberal Arts by connecting its research and outreach programs with classroom opportunities for students. 

The Center for Austrian Studies is affiliated with the Institute for Global Studies in the College of Liberal Arts. 

Applications are being accepted through April 21st, 2023. For more information about this position and how to apply, please follow the appropriate link:

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