We are Backpack: a student-run brand communications agency at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

At Backpack, our ideas are our most valuable product. Backpack is a testament to our certainty that in the face of stagnation, diverse perspectives and novel ideas will always generate positive movement in the world. Our can-do attitude is as relentless as our ambition, and we’ve got the skills to match.

Why Backpack? We’re students, and we’re proud of it. To us, a backpack represents our DNA as students. We see this identity as our greatest asset, providing us with context unlike anyone else in our field. We’ll build your brand and bolster your vision. We take that weight off your shoulders.

We offer a range of services, including content creation, storytelling, design, photography, and social media. Our identity as students provides an emphasis on connecting our clients to Gen Z audiences. 

Founded in 2014 with the intention of accomplishing communication goals for the College of Liberal Arts, our agency brought much-needed exposure to the stories of its students, faculty, and alumni. We are carving the path for the next generation of problem solvers, creatives, and leaders.

Core Values

Movement and Resonance of Novel Ideas

At the end of the day, what matters is our ideas and what they do. We know that unique, original ideas can create radical change in the status quo and move people and brands to new places.

Diversity of Thought and Perspective

Remarkable work is produced through collaboration, and collaboration is most productive when those involved bring different ideas to the table. We hold dear the wide range of perspectives and backgrounds that go into every piece of content and strategy we create.

Thoughtful Experimentation

As a brand communications agency, it is crucial to keep up with current trends and technological advancements and, even more so, to experiment with these developments with care and thought. Our restless curiosity spurs movement, change, and discovery.

Conscious Growth

Whether on a micro or macro scale, positive growth is always intentional. Progress is something that we, as a rapidly evolving agency, know must happen with purpose and direction. As each person strives for individual growth, our agency grows in tandem.