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Portrait of Rakel Crockett

Backpack Alumni Spotlight: Rakel Crockett

"As a content creator for Backpack, ...I was constantly drafting, writing, or editing pieces for my department. This constant process each semester not only improved my writing abilities, but also got me into the routine of getting positive but mostly constructive feedback. I learned how to take feedback from others and began to ask for it." Backpack alumna, Rakel Crockett (BA, '19) talks about her experience working for Backpack and how it's helped her professional career.
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Processing the Pandemic

How can we work through the variety of emotions that come with the massive life changes during COVID-19? Content Creator Sofia Haan discusses how she has used the early termination of her study abroad program to begin processing the emotions she experienced during drastic changes to her anticipated semester.
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From Hired to Hiring

The University of Minnesota is home to an abundance of opportunities for students to grow professionally. What makes Backpack so unique? Operations Director Maria Hayden discusses her journey joining the agency and the lessons she’s learned on the other side of the recruitment process.