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Traveling During a Pandemic

Over a year into the pandemic, most of us have adjusted to working in an online environment. It has presented us with a fair share of challenges, but it also poses opportunities to work from wherever we want. Read more about choosing to safely travel during a pandemic from Backpack senior Jon Wells.
Portrait of Rakel Crockett

Backpack Alumni Spotlight: Rakel Crockett

"As a content creator for Backpack, ...I was constantly drafting, writing, or editing pieces for my department. This constant process each semester not only improved my writing abilities, but also got me into the routine of getting positive but mostly constructive feedback. I learned how to take feedback from others and began to ask for it." Backpack alumna, Rakel Crockett (BA, '19) talks about her experience working for Backpack and how it's helped her professional career.