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Having Major Problems.

Having Major Problems.

Don’t know what a major is? Can’t decide when to declare your area of study? Don’t know what your backup plan or resources are? Then you have a major problem. In this blog post, CLAgency’s Media Director Hamy Huynh gives her insight on the four tips to finding the perfect major.
The Brew for You.

The Brew for You

With winter definitely upon us, it might not seem enticing to venture out into the cold. Instead of giving in to staying in, grab your scarf and head out to explore these local coffee shops! Senior Content Creator Sofia Haan provides a list of the best coffee shops in the area guaranteed to warm you up this winter.
Shoppers stand in front of a poster that says "big sale"

A Greener Holiday: How To Shop Consciously On Black Friday

Black Friday has become a cherished tradition, with families flocking to shopping centers after their Thanksgiving celebrations in order to get the best bang for their buck. Unfortunately, over the holiday weekend the environment takes a backseat to the economy and is left to deal with the refuse for years to come. Content creator, Harrison Nelson offers suggestions to make your winter holidays a little more green.
Image with the words "Cold Weather Music Vibes"

Cold Weather Music Vibes

No one loves cold weather. Correction, no one likes wearing two pairs of socks and three layers of sweaters. But cold weather doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t find a reason to make it more bearable. Content creator Rakel shares her favorite cold weather music and why you should be listening to them as well.