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Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

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Photo of Dr. Hangtae Cho

A New Way of Exploring Korea

Dr. Hangtae Cho has made it his mission to increase the understanding of Korean culture in the University of Minnesota community. As the founding director of the Korean program in the Asian Languages and Literatures department, Cho has worked tirelessly to expedite the growth of the program, and he played a key role in developing a unique way to teach the language and culture to students at the University of Minnesota. Cho’s efforts include hosting an annual event called “The Story of Korea,” where the community can get a taste of high quality Korean art and culture.
Photograph of associate professor Christine Marran

Ecocriticism and Culture

Inspired by Japanese author Michiko Ishimure's inventive and unforgiving novel on mercury poisoning in Minamata, Japan, Associate Professor Christine Marran has since developed a deep interest in how the biological world is represented in literature and cinema. Her forthcoming book, Ecology without Culture, draws upon texts and films produced by activist authors and filmmakers to show how cultural claims and cultural humanism inhibit environmental thinking.
Photograph of an undergraduate student in Asian Languages and Literature, Andy Shu

Equipped for the Future

Alumnus Andy Shu knew he wanted to go into business, but he chose to study Asian literature and the Chinese language as well because it was his passion. He currently works for the Robins Kaplan law firm in downtown Minneapolis, and he credits a lot of his success to his involvement with ALL: “Those classes prepared me to learn what I needed to know for my job,” he explained.