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Communication Studies

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Portrait of Tigana Van Le

From ASPIRE to Inspire

Senior Tigana Văn Lê, is shattering expectations in his campus and real-life experiences. Through a 10-week internship in Washington DC, Lê worked on education policy and discovered the importance of using policy to help demographic specific communities. Through his involvement in the Asian Pacific American Resource Center (APARC), he has found his passion and how he wants to inspire others.
Portrait of Christian Angelich

How We Tell the Story About Oil and Violence

Oil is an everyday reality for our society. It is not only used in our cars, but in plastic, synthetic, and chemical products, from everyday household items to the roads we drive on. Another reality is that oil causes violence. PhD candidate Christian D. Angelich uses his commercial airline pilot experience to fuel his research about the environmental and social violence caused by oil consumption.
Image of river with pine trees

Minnesota’s Environmental Classroom

Professor Mark Pedelty’s Environmental Communication course provides students a unique learning opportunity to explore environmental issues and learn how best to communicate about them. “I want students to engage beyond the confines of the classroom and take a more hands-on approach to learning. It’s a different narrative when you get out there,” Pedelty says.
Photograph of Susanne Jones

Communicating Support

Professor Susanne Jones is an associate professor of communication studies who takes an in-depth look into the messages and behaviors people use to comfort one another. Social support is considered one of the most important resources people rely on when they deal will difficult life events. Her research focuses on the effects of verbal and nonverbal messages people use to support one another.
Photo of communications studies student Sam Petrov

Classroom Born Thesis

Communication studies honors student Sam Petrov used knowledge from his environmental communication course to write his honors thesis. Examining the communication strategies of contemporary electric car companies, he takes a deeper look into the advertising techniques used by Nissan and Tesla in the context of their respective target markets.