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Portrait of Maia Irvin

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Maia Irvin

Digital Newsletters

Backpack Content Creators write stories each semester that are published on departments' websites, shared via social media, and emailed out to department alumni and friends as a digital newsletter.

Recent Stories

Jasmine Trangha

Jasmine Trang Ha

Jasmine Trang Ha (PhD ‘18, sociology) is a fellow at the Australian National University in Canberra. “People tend to view international students as tourists, and that view overlooks their concurrent day-to-day experience as migrants living for several years in an increasingly restrictive immigration regime. My research shows the impact of the migrant experience on international students' migration patterns both into and within the United States.” The Don A. Martindale Fellowship supported her studies at the U.
Portrait of Atosha Rypa

An Oral History Book

Undergraduate Atosha Rypa uses spoken word to bring awareness to social issues, tell her story, and inspire others. Her words aim to educate people about the American Black experience and the power that language has to perpetuate discrimination. Rypa’s words heal her own past and provide motivation for future change.
Portrait of Isabel Arriagada

Are We Caring?

Chilean attorney and nonprofit organization founder Isabel Arriagada uses her unique combination of knowledge to approach penal research with a fresh perspective. “There is much more to the prison system than just ‘right’ and ‘wrong,’” explains PhD student Arriagada.
Portrait of Cawo Abdi

Searching for Belonging

How can a country’s culture and migration regulations affect an immigrant’s ability to adjust? Professor Cawo Abdi studies the diaspora of Somali people and how they’ve adjusted to their new homelands. She finds that while Somali refugees remain hopeful that they will find a sense of belonging, they face unexpected challenges when adjusting to life in a new country.