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Portrait of Mitchell Kinney

Broadening the Scope on Statistics Careers

“Autonomy is what will allow exploration to explode in the future. With autonomy, human costs are significantly reduced while we are still reaping the benefits,” says Doctoral Dissertation Fellow Mitchell Kinney about what he learned at his NASA internship. Kinney was originally drawn to a degree in statistics because of the vast array of opportunities. See how Kinney has taken his statistical savvy to NASA and the NFL.
Portrait of Sara Algeri

Universal Search

“The beauty of conducting research in statistics is that you can apply it to whatever you want—even dark matter,” says Assistant Professor Sara Algeri. Algeri is using her PhD in the area of astrostatistics to explore our universe. She joined the faculty this past fall.
Singdhansu Chatterjee standing in front of Ford Hall on the east bank campus

An Institute’s Bright Future: Paving the Way for Collaboration and Engagement

Singdhansu Chatterjee, director of the Institute for Research on Statistics and its Applications (IRSA), has a bright future in mind for the institute and its involvement in the surrounding community. Grounded in three major applications of data science in nature, society, and theory, the institute plans on hosting various workshops and events to foster collaboration between different fields.