The Benefits of Backpack

April 8, 2020

As a college senior who’s about to graduate, I’ve been reflecting on the past four years and how far I’ve come professionally. Looking back, most of my career growth can be credited to working at Backpack, a student-led communications agency at the University of Minnesota. It was there that I gained two things that have greatly benefitted my career: connections and opportunities.

Group Photo of Backpack Team

Quality Over Quantity 

Backpack has over 40 employees who specialize in areas such as writing, graphic design, account management, research, and strategy. While we’re a smaller agency, my coworkers all bring something different to the table and I’ve learned a lot from working with them. In addition, Backpack has a great Board of Advocates (BOA) consisting of professionals in the Twin Cities advertising and communications industry. Every semester, our employees can participate in a mentorship program that pairs us with a BOA member to guide us through our careers. Whether it be coworkers or mentors, I’ve learned that making genuine connections is the best way to create long-lasting relationships that will remain even after I graduate and leave Backpack.

Fast Horse's Battle of the Bands 2020 Backpack Winners Group Photo

Just Say Yes!

The beauty of Backpack is that our leadership team and BOA prioritize our employees’ growth and provide hands-on experience that’s unparalleled to any other student job on campus. The best decision I’ve ever made was saying yes to every opportunity that came my way. I said yes to my initial job offer at Backpack as a content creator. Yes to getting promoted to Media Coordinator. Yes to the summer social media internship with Backpack’s biggest external client, ServeMinnesota. Yes, when a BOA member offered me an internship at his integrated agency, Fast Horse. Yes, when Fast Horse offered me an opportunity to emcee an industry event on the legendary First Avenue stage. And yes, when Backpack’s leadership recommended me for the digital marketing assistant position at the College of Liberal Arts. Every opportunity I’ve accepted through Backpack has only opened more doors for me to enter. 

Backpack logo

Applications Close April 19, 2020

All of this bragging about how Backpack has benefitted me is to say, if you’re a student at the University of Minnesota, you should definitely apply to be a content creator or account manager for fall 2020! You never know how working here could benefit you professionally. I’ll leave the link here if you want to jump-start your career