The Brew for You

A Guide to the Best Coffee Shop in the Twin Cities
February 5, 2019

Let’s be real: winter is never easy. Even with many of us having lived in the Midwest for most of our lives, trying to get through November through March doesn’t seem to get easier. A simple trip to Target requires 16 layers, daily treks to class through ice and snow guarantee at least one fall, and the sun disappears at 4:30 pm daily. It’s no joke. With recent temperatures dipping well below zero, it might seem like the best option is to just stay home and wrap up in a million blankets. As tempting as a permanent blanket fort might seem, Minneapolis is home to wonderful coffee shops to drive your productivity and warm you up as the temperature goes down. Throw on your scarf, grab your notebooks, and explore just a few of the many spots this city has to offer! 

Bordertown Coffee 

Bordertown Coffee sits tucked just off of University Ave on the University of Minnesota Campus and it is the epitome of a hidden gem. This homey coffee shop sits on the middle level of a converted fraternity house, giving it a classic coffee shop feel. Prepare to curl up on the pillows in the window seats or sink into one of the overstuffed couches. Whether you have pages of notes to get through or you’re just looking for a quiet place to read, Bordertown is the comfortable campus coffee shop for you. 

Groundswell Coffee

Located three blocks from the Hamline light rail stop in St. Paul, Groundswell Coffee has established itself was one of the best in the area. Natural light coming through the massive windows throughout the shop will motivate you and allow you to enjoy the beauty of the winter without having to head outside. Beyond a full coffee menu, Groundswell also offers a delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu including gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Take a mini vacation off campus, jump on the light rail, and head down to enjoy the neighborhood atmosphere of Groundswell. 

Spyhouse Coffee

Instead of finding a coffee shop simply to study, try heading out to Spyhouse Coffee to expand your coffee palate. With multiple locations around the Twin Cities, Spyhouse offers classic coffee drinks like lattes and Americanos along with diverse spins on old coffee shop favorites, like lavender and rosemary. The price might be a little higher than some coffee shops in the city, but the quality of coffee and the Instagram-able atmosphere will definitely give you your money’s worth. Whether you’re heading out to write a paper or to snap some quality pics with friends, Spyhouse is the place to be. 

Ginkgo Coffee 

Ginkgo Coffee sits next to Hamline University in St. Paul, but this neighborhood coffee shop is one of the most welcoming in the city. It’s home to an eclectic mix of mismatched tables, chairs, and booths, allowing customers to make their own space in the shop. If coffee isn’t your speed, Ginkgo offers breakfast options for a morning stop and a variety of ice cream for an afternoon visit. If you’re looking for a way to explore a new neighborhood in the city and enjoy a quiet neighborhood spot, Gingko is the best coffee spot in the city. 

Winter might seem like a difficult time of the year, but it doesn’t have to shut you in until April. Head out to explore these and so many more wonderful coffee shops throughout the city and find the brew that fits you!