CLAgency Alumni Spotlight: Jordyn DiOrio

June 1, 2018
Jordyn DiOrio  
Jordyn DiOrio

“I remember it being about nine of us in the basement of Johnson Hall trying to figure out what CLAgency could become,” says Jordyn DiOrio, a founder of CLAgency and project manager at GoKart Labs, a Minneapolis-based digital innovation company.

Jordyn’s academic career consisted of two years at a community college in Chicago and the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She graduated from the U in 2015 with a major in strategic communications with an advertising focus. As a founder of CLAgency, she was a key player in creating a purpose for CLAgency and a vital part of the creative team. Her initial focus at the agency was around the branding and all design assets and needs, which then evolved to pioneering the CLAgency 1.0 version of a website off the ground. Furthermore, as a content creator for the Department of Art, she spent a lot of time with one of their communication specialists to build a social media presence, promote events, and update their website on a weekly basis. 

How did you find your first job out of college? 

When I graduated college, I took a little over a month off. I traveled, visited family, and did some serious rest and relaxation. After my time off I had a plan of attack for finding my next gig. I gave myself a window of time I would job hunt, which was six months. Over a five-month period from July to November 2015, finding a job was my full-time job. I interviewed at seven or eight agencies in Minneapolis and Chicago. After a relentless amount of not getting the callback, I landed my first job at a small agency in Minneapolis right before Thanksgiving. I spent a little under six months there as a project coordinator. 

How did you land a job at GoKart Labs? 

After realizing the first agency I worked at after college wasn’t the right fit, I landed at GoKart Labs in March 2016. Now let me be clear: experience is experience. The dream job does not just fall in one’s lap or leave the door wide open for someone to waltz into. I’ve been working my butt off since I was 16 and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I also believe in having a breath of different jobs, roles, and careers is incredibly important, even the bad ones. The awful, soul-crushing jobs are the ones that pushed me to aim for the highest standards in what I expect in a work environment. I scored my position at GoKart through mutual connections who knew they were hiring. After being interviewed by an incredibly smart, down-to-earth woman, I knew I wanted to work for her. I’ve currently been at GoKart for about 10 months as a project manager. It’s been a fantastic start-up learning environment, especially since I am an entrepreneur at heart. 

Where would someone find you, when you’re not hard at work? 

I live in the heart of downtown Minneapolis (about a seven-minute bike ride from my office). When I’m not working, I am making jewelry on a commission basis, making my own body lotions and scrubs, listening/ discovering music (currently obsessed with ‘A Seat at the Table and ‘4 Your Eyez Only’) and reading any and everything I can get my hands on.  

What role did CLAgency play in your undergraduate career? 

CLAgency was asked about in almost every job interview I had. They were intrigued about what the model was built off of (not having to seek clients, building stronger communications amongst departments, etc.). I leveraged the experience in every interview because it gave me a start-up mentality skill set, understanding in social media management, and overall communication experience within the education category.  

What is your vision for your professional career? 

I will own my own business in the future. Working on what and when currently. 

Any advice for students? 

Know what you want and go for it. If you don’t know what you want, still go for whatever your instincts are telling you. Your instincts are always right. AND LASTLY: The most powerful and smart people I know never cared what others thought of them. Stay focused on what you want and let other opinions be background noise.