CLAgency Alumni Spotlight: Robert Koons

June 3, 2018
Portrait of Robert Koon
Robert Koons

Robert Koons graduated in December 2016 with a major in economics and a minor in management. He managed the global studies department for a year while with CLAgency. Robbie was always known for his great sense of humor and constant enthusiasm.

He's about to begin his career with Hormel Foods as a consumer product sales representative where he will be responsible for the sale of Hormel Foods grocery, meat and deli products at various retail outlets. Additionally, Robert is responsible for the distribution, shelving, and merchandising of all Hormel Foods products at these locations. He is currently living in Bethlehem, PA and will until the completion of his training.

How did you get to where you are now?

I spent some time to figure out the following: What am I good at? What do I want to do? What industry(s) do I want to work in? Where would I like to see my career move? Once I figured out the answer to those questions I applied for jobs that met my criteria. After multiple interviews with multiple companies, the choice to start my career with Hormel was pretty clear.

I started in a small town of around 5,000 people in central Pennsylvania. I come from a very loving family anchored by my father who is a copier salesman and my mother who is a school teacher. I always wanted to experience life outside of the small town so as soon as I got the chance, I did just that by attending the University of Minnesota. The most valuable part of my college experience was the jobs and internships I held during that time. The experience and skills I gained through those coupled with my academics brought me to where I am today.

Outside of work, what do you like to do?

Things I enjoy doing for fun include hiking, going to sporting events, and playing sports.

What role did CLAgency play in your undergraduate career?

The content creator for CLAgency was the first position I held that I wouldn’t consider to be “busy work.” It allowed me to be creative, do meaningful work and it connected me to a lot of great people.

The biggest thing CLAgency did in preparing my for post-grad life is that it helped teach me to tell a story. You can do the best groundbreaking work in your given field, but if you fail to translate that work in a meaningful way to others, it may keep you from reaching your full potential.

Any advice for students? 

Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. Work hard at what’s in front of you even if it isn’t something you consider to be important. There are a lot of very talented people so you should try to work with them as much as possible and learn from them.

What is your vision for your professional career? 

I don’t necessarily have dreams of being a CEO or anything like that, but I would like to leave every position or assignment I had in better shape than I found it. I’d also like to leave a good impression with the people I’ve worked with along the way.