Cold Weather Music Vibes

October 23, 2018

I was standing at the Buford and Gortner connector stop, waiting for the next bus in five minutes. Trying to relax from a three-hour graphic design lab, I plugged in my noise-canceling headphones and put my Spotify playlist on shuffle. “Let It Go” by James Bay came on and I immediately thought to myself, “I need to make a cold weather playlist.”

To clarify what I call cold weather music: imagine sitting in a comfy chair, cold but wrapped in a warm blanket, watching the orange and red leaves blowing in the wind and not forgetting about your midterms coming up. I am currently curating the perfect playlist and will share with you my top songs from the playlist to help get you into the ~cold weather vibes~

Bist du Down? - Ace Tee ft. Kwam.E

Ace Tee is a German-Ghanaian artist singing and rapping in German but the song transports you to the 1990’s with some serious throwback R&B vibes. The artist seems to channel her inner TLC and Aaliyah with her smooth voice and head-nodding beat. If you are like me and cannot understand the language you are left in awe of how Ace Tee and Kwan.E beautifully sing and rap in what is normally perceived as an aggressive language.

If you are looking for a song to hit you with R&B nostalgia and has a great message behind the lyrics, this song is for you.

Pink + White - Frank Ocean

I have never heard a song from Frank Ocean that I did not like. My favorite song off his newest album Blonde is "Pink + White," which recounts his memories of a past lover and what Frank has learned from them.

All the instruments and vocals come together beautifully. From the subtle piano, bass-line that dips in and out, crisp percussion, and violin, to Beyonce’s vocals in the background, each element ties together. The three minute and four second song leaves you replaying it as soon as it finishes.

Lonely - Mac Ayres

These past few months Mac Ayres has been one of my go-to artists for chill study music, an emerging artist with a little over 5,000 followers on twitter (but yet he can’t find the time to like my tweet). 

The song is perfect for doing homework or sitting at a coffee shop. I asked Sencha to play his songs and the baristas received numerous compliments. The song is off his album Drive Slow because it entices you to take the long way home and enjoy his music for a while longer.

Unwind - Healy

My boyfriend suggested to add this song to the playlist and, after some inspection, I agreed to add it. When I listen to this song I envision driving around Lake of the Isles looking at the houses I will never be able to afford and enjoying this song. Healy has a bit of a raspy voice that compliments the smooth beat to give R&B vibes.

If you want a cozy chill song, this one is for you.

Hiding Place - Jordan Rakei

This is one of the more somber songs off the playlist. Jordan Rakei creates a spectrum of music ranging from jazz to his song “Hiding Place,” but they all retain the soulful, jazz and hip-hop driven sound. It’s a perfect cold weather song because Rakei’s soul-stirring voice and deep beat aligns your mood with the darker aspects of the autumn. 

This song does make some people sad, however, I highly enjoy the dark vibes if gives off, as I believe it personifies the coldness of the weather.


Malibu Nights - LANY

Similar to Jordan Rakei, LANY creates a magnitude of music. I first encountered their music when they opened for Troye Sivan in 2016. I was drawn to the indie-pop group because of their upbeat California vibes and warm chords and decided to follow their music up to today. 

Malibu Nights reflects on the lead singer’s bad breakup. The album reflects a maturing band and learning to deal with heartbreak.

Move - Tom Misch

The song opens up with Misch’s sister’s monologue, which is reminiscent of early 20th century Hollywood romance. The theme is used throughout the song paired well with Misch’s iconic guitar, bass, piano ballads, and his funky voice. 

You might as well sit in a rocking chair because of the constant head nod that unconsciously happens while listening to this song. 

These are my top cold weather songs that each of my friends approved. I am still adding songs to the playlist, as you cannot force good songs—you stumble upon them.

If you would like to listen to these songs and a couple of others, you can listen to my cold weather vibes playlist on Spotify.