Four Campaigns That Keep Me Up at Night

October 31, 2019

Another year, another Halloween lies on the horizon. From ghouls to monsters to witches, it’s time to unleash your inner demons. As my personal favorite holiday, I love seeing peers and brands alike celebrating all things spooky. What’s a better way to bring the spook than to reminisce about advertising of the past. Here are a few campaigns that encompassed the true spirit of Halloween, and still keep me up at night. 

Halloween Whopper, 2015

Despite being 4 years old, Burger King’s campaign figured out how to haunt my dreams. Their team brewed up a Halloween Whopper in 2015. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll likely feel your hair stand up! Featuring A1 sauce and the delicious ingredients that make the sandwich famous, this Whopper took a dark turn with its black bun. On the bright side, Burger King Japan took it a step further by creating a completely black burger: cheese, ketchup, and a bun made from squid ink. Although it’s no longer available, you can still get your spooky fix. The Ghost Whopper is the newest concoction and has two boney thumbs up from the dead. 

Starbucks Witch’s Brew, 2018

Starbucks never fails to release, as Minnesotans would describe, interesting drinks. Last year, the coffee giant took a wicked turn and celebrated Halloween with a new, colorful stew. The Witch’s Brew Frappuccino ingredients included “warts,” “lizards,” and “toad’s breath.” Eek! There’s no doubt that that Frappuccino titillated the tastebuds of the brave souls who consumed it. Unfortunately, this year there will be no blood-curdling screams, as Starbucks’ newest Phantom drink is only available in a few select locations across the globe: Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. If you want something scary, try customizing your order and looking at all the extra charges. 

Snickers Headless Horseman, 2013

On a lighter note, Snickers’ 2010 tagline: “you’re not you when you’re hungry,” continues to consume the population. Not even the headless horseman is immune to the ailment. The age-old Halloween figure found himself lacking the scare factor when he suddenly became the horseless headsman due to hunger. Luckily, a handful of friendly neighborhood kids shared their Snickers to allow him to continue the search for his missing head. I still see the large-headed, small-bodied man in my dreams sometimes...

Chipotle BOOrito, Ongoing 

Although I am a keen Qdoba fan, Chipotle always tempts me with their appropriately titled BOOritos. Since 2000, the company has rewarded Halloween fans with burrito deals. Initially, it started as a free burrito if you came dressed in a costume deemed worthy enough by the establishment. This may sound too good to be true, but I promise this campaign is all treat, no trick. As their tradition grew, the discounts changed accordingly. This year, you can sink your teeth, vampire or not, into a $4 BOOrito by wearing your best costume. Visit any participating location from 3 p.m. to close this Halloween to earn your tasty treat.