Giving Thanks in the Workplace

November 27, 2019

Showing thanks in the workplace doesn’t have to mean giving a promotion or an award. There are many little things you can do as a supervisor and coworker that can make your workplace more inviting and comfortable for all employees. Here are a few ways you can demonstrate your thanks for your coworkers year-round.

Stay in the Know

Whether it be how their projects are going or how their intramural soccer game went last week, staying in the know about coworker’s highs and lows is a simple way to show you care.

In a work setting, it’s important to be an accessible listener and hear what coworkers may be struggling with or what their future goals are. Helping them overcome their obstacles or reach their goals is a great way to express that you’re grateful for the work they do. Even if there’s no immediate fix, being able to lend an ear and being aware can go along way, especially for student workers, as all of our coworkers are extremely busy as both students and employees.

Trust Them

As a perfectionist and a very hands-on worker, letting go and allowing someone else to take the reins can be hard for me. That being said, one of the ways I’ve learned to show appreciation for my coworkers is by letting go and trusting them to do their job. 

No one likes to be micromanaged, so a simple way to display your appreciation for a fellow employee is to simply do nothing at all, but be there if support is needed. Allowing coworkers or those you supervise to have the freedom to make their work their own is a silent way to tell them you believe that they are fully capable and that you are grateful and believe in their strengths. And when their task is accomplished be sure to let them know they’ve done a great job!

Giving Time

The gift of time is one of the easiest ways to appreciate a friend or coworker. If your coworker has had a crazy busy week or was just wrapped up a stressful project, taking them out for lunch or even a cup of coffee can go a long way. Not only does it give you time to catch up on work or life in general, but buying them a meal or beverage can be a simple gift to say thanks. Plus, who doesn’t love free food?

The gift of time doesn’t need to be accompanied by a monetary present either! Even offering help or guidance on a project or working on separate things together at a library or community space can be a great way to exhibit your appreciation and thanks to the people who work alongside you

These are just a few simple ways to show your gratitude for your coworkers not only during the season of thanks but also year-round.