The Gopher Way: The Best Way to Tackle a Polar Vortex

February 15, 2019

University of Minnesota students have never checked their emails more in their entire time here than during the past two weeks. They’re eagerly awaiting for that precious email with the subject line of “class cancelled” so they can enjoy a day inside rather than fighting the never-ending snow.

Unfortunately, some classes are still in session. While some may lounge in their home, others are regrettably making their way to class. But you may not need to step a foot outside when you’re on campus!

The Gopher Way is an amazing alternative to avoid walking through the foot of snow accumulated on sidewalks. Nor would you need to fight those people who are still riding bikes. From University Ave., I can take the tunnels on east bank and get directly to all three buildings my classes are in without stepping outside, and you can too!

Bring a Map

The Gopher Way has helpful signs hanging in their tunnels to help guide you, but sometimes, they aren’t straight forward. Not only are the tunnels underground, but some of them are skyways and require you to take elevators and/or stairs to continue on. In that case, print out a map or pull it up on your phone. When in doubt, use the map; you don’t want to be late for class!

Wear your Jacket. It’s Still Cold!

Just because The Gopher Way is a tunnel system, it doesn’t mean that it’s always warm. The Gopher Way is connected by underground tunnels and skyways, but also includes garages, which are not heated. Wear your jacket! You’ll get warm after walking a bit, but eventually, you’ll hit those tunnels that have a cool breeze coming in.

Budget your Time

The tunnels aren’t a straight path to your classes. They weave through other buildings and connect in odd ways. That being said, budget out enough time to get to your classes when using the tunnels. Although it may take a bit longer, you’ll be warm and won’t slip on any ice!

Don’t Want to Walk? Call Gopher Chauffeur!

Gopher Chauffeur has added more hours to their service—They’re now seven days a week! From Sunday to Wednesday, they run from 8:30 pm to 12:30 am. Thursdays and Saturdays are from 10:00 pm to 2:30 am. Be sure to call 30 minutes before you need a ride at (612)-388-6911.