Listen Up—A Guide to Podcasts for the Working Woman

October 11, 2019

This summer, I got my first “big kid” internship. Instead of spending summers slinging lattes at neighborhood cafes, I was now tasked with communications and engagement support for a nonprofit located in St. Paul. Heading into the job, I was filled with apprehension: how do I navigate a new, more professional workplace? In other words, how can I be the best intern possible? 

Thankfully, I received the unexpected blessing of a coworker who took me under her wing and offered to set me on the right track as I started my working career. In addition to taking my million questions and emails in stride, she provided insights into how to navigate work life as a woman, both in my present position and as I move into my career. Among her suggestions were several podcasts relevant to professional women, tackling topics like managing burnout or forming connections at the office. Listening to these podcasts throughout my internship has truly inspired me to reflect on the work I do in the office and how I can be my best in the workplace, while still being myself. 

To celebrate International Podcast Day, here are some of my favorite podcasts that focus on helping women navigate life throughout their professional career.

Women at Work (Harvard Business Review)

How do you form friendships with other women in your office? How are married people valued in the workplace over single people? How do you claim credit in male-dominated workplaces? Women at Work tackles these tough questions and similar topics regarding what it’s like to be a woman in the workplace. It’s a valuable resource for people looking for advice on handling difficult situations in the office. 

The Broad Experience (The Broad Experience) 

Despite going on a hiatus recently, The Broad Experience has a vast archive of interviews and advice for women from all backgrounds at various professional stages. Host Ashley Milne-Tyte interviews professional women from a wide range of careers and identities who share their experiences in the workplace and tell how they overcame obstacles. The Broad Experience is perfect for professionals looking for a short, inspiring podcast full of real women in real workplace scenarios. 

No Limits with Rebecca Jarvis (ABC News)

Journalist Rebecca Jarvis hosts No Limits, a weekly podcast where Jarvis interviews successful, working professionals on their stories and personal experiences. Guests have included famous journalists, driven CEOs, acclaimed directors, and more. No Limits tells the stories behind names of famous working women and their brands. This podcast is for anyone looking to hear the full career trajectory of some of the most successful women working today. 

While these podcasts are targeted more specifically toward women in the workplace, they can provide valuable insights into life in any office space. Download a couple of your favorites and enjoy International Podcast Day with the help of these amazing working women.