New Horizons

October 3, 2018

Minneapolis skyline on a sunny day

Minneapolis skyline on a sunny day
The College of Liberal Arts is excited to co-sponsor a conference on the city of Minneapolis' future that is being presented in honor of the Minneapolis Foundation's 100th birthday. By Julia (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Things are changing at CLAgency. It may not be noticeable at first glance, but like a sleeping bear finally awakening from its slumber, CLAgency is taking strides toward redefining what a service agency looks like in the digital age.  

Only a short year ago, CLAgency operated providing communications and writing support to the UMN College of Liberal Arts’ 26 diverse departments. Our work with CLA, which continues to this day, will always remain the center of our business and pride. However, after being in business for nearly half a decade, we realized that it was time to get out of our comfort zone and try something new. 

As we stepped out into the marketplace there was absolutely a moment of “what the hell are we doing?” We looked around at other shops in town, each with its own diverse style and take on the business, and questioned what we bring to the table. After much headache and brainstorming, we realized the answer was right in front of us. We are young—like really young. As an agency that is completely student led and operated, every single one of our employees is under the age of 23 and can be described as millennial or Generation Z. Although some may see this as a set back, we see it as a superpower. Because of the way CLAgency is structured, with fresh talent walking in the door year after year, we are uniquely positioned to provide millennial and Generation Z targeted marketing support to a wide range of clients.

With a few connections and lots of hard work from agency folks across the board, we began a relationship with our first ever client, ServeMinnesota, last year. As we looked around at organizations to potentially partner with, we wanted to stay committed to our values surrounding education and the support of our community and state. ServeMinnesota perfectly aligned with these values, operating as the state’s hub for Americorps programs, providing support to Minnesota in the form of education, addiction recovery, environmental action, and more. 

With a relationship still flourishing today, we have spent the last year helping ServeMinnesota understand some of the branding and recruitment challenges that come along with communicating to a younger audience. As we look forward to another successful year, we are excited to continue tackling issues relating to millennial recruitment and bring an innovative recruitment strategy to college campuses across the state.

In an industry that is very much a team sport, doing it alone is not an option. Over the past months, I have had the privilege of being in new business pitches and brainstorming sessions with some of the most talented young professionals in the business. From media strategists who expertly understand the social media landscape, to designers who act as alchemists on a daily basis, I never imagined that I would be working alongside such an exceptional team, so ready to push the boundaries of advertising and communication.

At CLAgency, we’re just getting started. With eyes looking to the future, we’re ready to shatter any and all expectations of what an agency can be.