Silver Linings of a Pandemic

April 1, 2020

Before I dive in, I want to recognize fully that the pandemic we are experiencing is a health crisis few have experienced in their lives before. For the safety of everyone, please follow CDC and WHO guidelines and social distance as much as you are able to. 

In addition, I want to recognize those who cannot work from home and continue to work at the expense of their own health, like healthcare workers, grocery store cashiers, and truckers. Your service is indispensable, and it's your work that allows the world to continue in what capacity it can.

Many folks feel anxious and fearful when it comes to news about the COVID-19 pandemic, and rightfully so. This is a big deal! However, this fear can lead a person to feeling hopeless, greedy, or afraid, so today I instead want to focus on some of the silver linings of teleworking during the pandemic.

  1. Getting to wear comfy clothes! Everyday is casual Friday when you work from home. Just throw on jeans and a nice shirt if you’ll be video calling, or stay in sweats all day if you’d like. 
  2. Spending more time with pets. This one is particularly close to my heart, as I have a childhood dog, Betty, who is now 14 and quite lazy in her old age. I’m loving getting to pet her while I work and taking her for quick walks on my breaks. 
  3. Sleeping in. Enough said, right? In the absence of a commute, sleep in another half hour, or take that time to have a more leisurely morning. 
  4. A decrease in pollution. With cars off the roads and planes out of the sky, greenhouse gas levels are falling, to the extent that many countries are within sight of reaching their 2020 climate goals. 
  5. Finding new ways to enjoy the company of people. I’m learning how to play new video games and downloading extensions, like Netflix Party, in order to do activities with friends. It may not be a night on the town and hugs, but I still love to spend my free time hanging out with them. I’ll keep these activities in mind next time we’re apart for long periods of time. 
  6. Saving money. If you can’t go out, that means you aren’t spending money at bars, stores, or eating out! Now the only temptation is online shopping. 
  7. Technological innovation. With the world shifting to teleworking (and telesocializing), people are rapidly developing innovations in technology, like drone development for deliveries and improvements in video calling. 

Can you think of any other good things to come out of this situation? If you’re ever feeling low, just remember this list and carry on the best you can.