Study Space Scavenger Hunt

March 15, 2019

As you turn in your twelfth paper, finish your eighth midterm, and continuously prep for your upcoming LPE, it’s easy to get into a mundane rhythm and forget how fast the semester has flown by. After returning from spring break, there are six weeks of instruction before finals…and here I am feeling like the start to our semester was only a few weeks ago; I blinked and now it’s March! However fast the semester has gone for you, this next month and a half is sure to be bustling with events, assignments, group projects, and tests. Like me, you may be feeling a little spring fever every time you sit down to study. Although Walter and Wilson (and your home) are great places to study, it might be time to have a change in scenery. Check out these five hidden gems of study spots that will (hopefully) give you a fresh headspace and minimize the dread of approaching finals.

Rapson Hall Library

The School of Architecture sure knows how to design a library. A personal favorite, this second-floor space is full of natural light, funky seating, and hidden nooks that will help you focus.

Humphrey School Floating Study Spaces

Find yourself on West Bank? Head through the main entrance of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. To the left, you will see two seemingly normal flights of stairs, but adjacent to each landing are carpeted alcoves lovingly nicknamed the “floating spaces.” These study hideouts are definitely worth the climb!

The Graduate Hotel Lobby

Situated in Stadium Village, this centrally located hotel is known for its inclusivity of studiers. Conveniently connected to a Starbucks, the Graduate lobby features expansive tables, couches, chairs, and fireplaces that are perpetually available for students and guests. Go check out this unique culture for yourself!

Magrath Library (Third Floor)

I couldn’t forget about our friends over in St. Paul! Head over to the third floor of the Magrath Library for individualized study dens overlooking the floors below. Always a peaceful place, this is a great location to go to for your final push before the big exam.

Nolte Center Lounge

Last but not least, the Nolte Center is a dream straight out of Hogwarts. When entering the medieval fortress, head through the first-floor glass doors into the study lounge, which is complete with numerous chairs and couches cozy enough for Daniel Radcliffe himself to sit on.

Grab a friend, a snack, and your favorite snuggly sweater to check out one (or multiple) of these study spaces for yourself. Best of luck during the whirlwind of activity before your final push to the end of the semester!