Sustainability: Get Informed & Get Working

November 5, 2019

Sustainability—a term that can often be misunderstood. Ultimately, sustainability aims to protect and preserve our natural environment and maintain human and ecological health, all while stimulating innovation. Because sustainability is much bigger than single actions that we can do, it is important to exercise your right to support and vote for policy-makers that can create change within companies and corporations. With that being said, small actions do matter—especially in large numbers. Whether that means shopping at a zero-waste store when you can; supporting local, sustainably sourced restaurants; or composting at home; it all matters. Together, we can create change—one small act at a time.

Birchwood Cafe

This cafe, located in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis, is committed to serving local, sustainable, freshly farmed food. The food is made from scratch with ingredients that have been minimally refined. They are also strong advocates for fair wages for their employees. No longer accepting tips, they instead include a 15% Fair Wage Share service charge to all bills. 

Tare Market

Minneapolis’ first zero-waste, plastic-free store. This location opened last April, and their mission is to “make sustainable living convenient and accessible to all people, so as a community we can decrease our environmental impact.” Tare Market sells a variety of bulk foods, household items, personal hygiene products, and zero-waste kits. On average, a single American produces around four pounds of trash per day, and Tare Market is hoping to appeal to those looking to decrease their day-to-day waste.

UMN Sustainability Minor

There are many ways to become more educated on sustainability right here at the University of Minnesota. However, the sustainability minor program is the most extensive. The variety of courses work to develop students' understanding and concern for sustainability while also providing them with connections to the University community. This minor is also unique because it is available to students from all colleges. Being able to collaborate and learn from students with diverse disciplines allows for a better understanding of how to create a more sustainable world. 


A great resource for more tips on how to be conscious of your environmental impact. One of CLAgency’s very own partners, ULLU,  is working to ignite conversations surrounding the great climate challenge that faces us today. Under the “Act” tab on their website, you will find a variety of ways to reduce your waste and preserve energy. From actions at home to actions on the go to actions when eating, being environmentally conscious becomes easy when you’re informed.