Travel Vloging

June 20, 2018

Travel vlogs are the best way to capture the memories of your trip. Photos may not be enough, so having a video to treasure the memories will get you back to that beach you went to in the summer.


Finding the best most portable camera will help you reduce all the hassle. TSA now requires people to take out all electronics that are the size of a camera or bigger, so having something that is small and easy to take out will make things flow easier. 

Cameras I’ve used

  Samsung NX Mini Canon EOS Rebel T3i
Easy to carry
Interchangeable lenses
1080p Full HD video
Interchangeable lens
Full HD Video at 1920 x 1080 resolution
Stabilization isn’t the best  Large and bulky
Hassle to carry


Once you’ve found your camera, it’s time to shoot videos! Here are some tips:
Find good scenery. This is great for remembering the environment. Sometimes you just can’t explain it; you’ll just have to show it.
Film moments you don’t want to forget. If you’re having a good time, pull out your camera and film a couple shots to remember it. But put it away after! Enjoy the time you have.
Close-up shots of objects. Flowers, food, etc. These clips could be great for adding aesthetics or mouthwater-inducing visuals.


Once you’ve gathered all of your clips, it’s time for you to edit! I personally use Sony Vegas Pro 15. It is a non-linear editing app. Here are some tips for editing!
Color grading: Color grading is one of the most important things that I have ever learned; it changes the whole atmosphere of the video. You can change the color of the highlights, medium lights, and lowlights of the video to adjust the atmosphere. 
Crop: 2.35:1 are the magic numbers. This is the crop ratio that most films use to create a more dramatic effect. It crops off a little bit of the top and the bottom of the video, so make sure to adjust the video so that what you’re trying to capture is visible!
Audio: Music is the best way to follow along with your video. I usually pick out a song before I edit, envision what I want, and match the clips with the beat of the music.

These are all the tips that I have!

Check out my examples:

Time to get out there and film travel memories!