Work Is Good. Hobbies Are Great.

April 8, 2019

In the media industry, there are plenty of skills that are only learned through experience. The classroom is extremely valuable for industry knowledge and preparation, but the real potential flows through your personal interests. You need to determine what you think is valuable in order to pursue your dream. 

Having a hobby builds confidence, teaches you something new, and contributes to your perception of the world. 

Throughout my life, multiple hobbies have come and gone, each leaving their mark on my aspirations. Now, as a student interested in advertising, I see how my hobbies influence my view of the industry. 

As you read, think about your hobbies and how they might tie into your view of the professional world. 


Since elementary school, I have heavily pursued my interest in making music. Participating in my school’s band program, playing drum set for churches, and competing in competitive drumlines has given me a unique musical experience. 

Now, I notice how much the advertising industry utilizes the power of music. Creatives will use certain musical phrases to create a distinct brand image or lay down a mood for their commercial. 


Over the past several months, my fascination with photography has grown immensely. This is a creative outlet that I hadn’t taken seriously until last year. Taking photos has helped satisfy my creative itch, along with my desire to get out and explore. I have begun to see life through a different lens. 

Photography is a powerful tool for young professionals in the advertising industry. Creative agencies use photograph sequences to complement advertising campaigns or personal blogs. Developing a unique composition style can set you apart from others in the field. 

What Makes You Move?

I encourage you to dig into your interests and how they might influence your career. Whether you love sports, food, animals, or fashion, there’s potential to learn something through your hobbies. 

Additionally, your hobbies can provide an outlet to express yourself outside of the office. Find out what makes you move and chase after it! Explore new hobbies because you never know how it could change your perspective. HAVE FUN!