We are Gen Z strategic storytellers and students from diverse disciplines, providing clients with unparalleled insight into our generation. With our wide range of skill sets, we are constantly challenging ourselves to strengthen visions and think outside the box. What can we say? It’s who we are. 

  • Portrait of Selena Thor

    Selena Thor

    General Manager


    First and last names are movies.

  • Portrait of Maria Hayden

    Maria Hayden

    Operations Director


    Big fan of lavender lattes (in her reusable cup of course).

  • Portrait of Erik Lindquist

    Erik Lindquist

    Account Director


    Proficient in broomball. 

  • Portrait of Molly Klima

    Molly Klima

    Creative Director


    Has double-jointed elbows.

  • Portrait of Cate Tynjala

    Cate Tynjala

    Editorial Director


    Has met Stephen King.

  • Portriat of Hamy Huynh

    Hamy Huynh

    Media Coordinator, Content Creator


    Last meal would be mashed potatoes.

  • Portrait of Cole Sterr

    Cole Sterr

    In-house Coordinator, Account Manager


    Is transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle. 

  • Portrait of Maggie Nesbit

    Maggie Nesbit

    Associate Media Coordinator, Content Creator


    Loves the Back To The Future movies.

  • Portrait of Jon Wells

    Jon Wells

    Associate Account Director


    Makes amazing omelets.

  • Portrait of Bailey Arman

    Bailey Arman

    Managing Editor


    Last name is Icelandic.

  • Portrait of Samiraa Amin

    Samiraa Amin



    Sagittarius so you know she's an optimist.

  • Portrait of Lauren Borchart

    Lauren Borchart

    Content Creator

    Feature twirler of the University of Minnesota Marching Band.

  • Portrait of Bridget Brown

    Bridget Brown

    Web Content Editor


    Her pet rabbit has more Instagram followers than she does.

  • portrait of Amanda Christensen

    Amanda Christensen

    Content Creator


    Pretty sure she was Donna Sheridan in a past life. Hazelnut lattes are her coffee of choice.

  • Portrait of Ted Ektanitphong

    Ted Ektanitphong


    Has had two heart surgeries.

  • portrait of Ben Engen

    Ben Engen

    Graphic Designer


    Is a Trader Joe's enthusiast.

  • Portrait of Lauren Foley

    Lauren Foley

    Managing Editor


    In high school, was voted "most likely to write a novel"—and then finished a first draft a year later. (Though whether it's good is... up for debate.)

  • Portrait of Hannah Haakenson

    Hannah Haakenson

    Content Creator

    Has hand-fed capuchins and tamarins at Monkey Island in Panama.

  • portrait of Sofia Haan

    Sofia Haan

    In-House Coordinator, Content Creator


    Has been to over 60 concerts.

  • Portrait of Amy Halbmaier

    Amy Halbmaier

    Account Manager


    First name is from a novel and middle name is from a musical—Amy from Little Women and Louise (Louisa) from the Fantasticks.

  • Portrait of Petra Holtze

    Petra Holtze

    Content Creator


    Only wears one contact lens (in her left eye). If she had been born in the 1800s she would have rocked a monocle.

  • Portrait of Maia Irvin

    Maia Irvin

    Content Creator

    Used to own a cow.

  • Portrait of Emily James

    Emily James

    Account Manager

    Summited Mt. Kilimanjaro with her father after an 8-day trek in February, 2019.

  • portrait of Jemma Keleher

    Jemma Keleher

    Content Creator

    Taught herself how to knit off of YouTube and now loves making scarves!

  • Portrait of Kate Kemppainen

    Kim Kemppainen

    Content Creator


    Has a fraternal twin sister. "I am 11 minutes older so I have lived in a world without her, but she has never lived in a world without me."

  • portrait of Hindu Reddy Koppula

    Hindu Reddy Koppula

    Business Manager 


    Is tri-lingual.

  • portrait of jocelyn landwehr

    Jocelyn Landwehr

    Account Manager


    Loves vinyasa yoga.

  • portrait of lukas levin

    Lukas Levin

    Content Creator


    Has a hairless dog.

  • portrait of marissa mazzeta

    Marissa Mazzetta

    Content Creator

    Skipped her senior prom to go to a Supernatural convention and meet the cast of the show

  • portrait of Schuyler McKinley

    Schuyler McKinley

    Business Development Director


    Has favorited 120k tweets.

  • Portrait of Austin Miller

    Austin Miller



    Thinks FRIENDS is the best TV show.

  • portrait of harrison nelson

    Harrison Nelson

    Content Creator


    Was featured in a BuzzFeed article about Doctor Who costume ideas.

  • portrait of Grace Parshall

    Grace Parshall

    Content Creator


    An avid fan of 70's Americana music.

  • portrait of Macie Rasmussen

    Macie Rasmussen

    Content Creator


    Has 114 Spotify playlists.

  • Portrait of Izzy Scharf

    Izzy Scharf

    Content Creator

    Favorite place she has traveled to is New Zealand where her cousins live. 

  • Portrait of Gavin Schuster

    Gavin Schuster


    Used to be in the circus.

  • portrait of smera tiwari

    Smera Tiwari

    Content Creator


    Runs a NGO for children with special needs back home in India.

  • Portrait of Emma Vik

    Emma Vik

    Content Creator


    Started an exclusive coffee review club.

  • Portrait of Kia Weekes

    Kia Weekes

    Content Creator


    Was a camp counselor last summer with the camp name Freckles. 

  • portrait of chufue yang

    Chufue Yang

    Graphic Designer


    Published in Vogue and level 33 in Pokémon GO. 

  • Portrait of Yayoua Yang

    Yayoua Yang

    Graphic Designer


    Has zip-lined during a thunderstorm in Cozumel.

  • portrait of Hannah Zagon

    Hannah Zagon

    Account Manager


    Named her dog after Hilary Duff.

  • portrait of Amy Zhou

    Amy Zhou

    Content Creator


    Avid knitter.