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Office of Institutional Advancement

Backpack is an integral part of the communication team for the College of Liberal Arts’ Office of Institutional Advancement (OIA). 

The OIA staff provides support to Backpack employees to ensure we deliver high quality content that accurately represents students, faculty, and alumni. They work with the editorial team to provide content creators with developmental and copy edits on drafts, assist in professional development workshops, and support writers in their creative process. 

  • Portrait of Amanda Haugen

    Amanda Haugen

    Senior Editor, Arts & Humanities

    Grew up with friends named Alexa and Siri.

  • Portrait of Colleen Ware

    Colleen Ware

    Senior Editor, Social Sciences 

    To Colleen, German is the language of love, because she met her husband in a U of M German class.

  • Portrait of Kaylee Highstrom

    Kaylee Highstrom

    Life goal is to visit all 50 state capitol buildings. 

  • Portrait of Scott Meyer

    Scott Meyer

    Founder, Chief Marketing Officer 

    Has traveled to 51 countries and still cannot speak a second language—it's a goal this year, though.

  • Portrait of Tessa Eagan

    Tessa Eagan

    Executive Editor

    Rappelled down a waterfall while canyoneering in the Mexican jungle.