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Signature CLA Events

Below are the signature CLA events that are hosted every year. Check out the full schedule of career events.

The CLA Internship & Career Fair

The CLA Internship & Career Fair offers you an opportunity to explore internship, volunteer, and full-time opportunities with employers from a variety of industries who are hiring CLA students and recent alumni. 

Held each September, this free event is for CLA students and recent alumni. For-profit, nonprofit, and government organizations are in attendance, and you can develop your networking skills and get advice about internships, volunteer opportunities, and full-time careers.

Practice Interview Days

Every semester we offer Practice Interview Days, which give you the chance to do a practice interview facilitated by a professional recruiter. Immediately afterward, you receive individualized feedback and tips for future interviews. Here is what other students have to say about participating in Practice Interview Days:

“This was an extremely beneficial opportunity. The interviewer provided valuable feedback, and I will be more confident in my next interview as a result of practicing with this one.”

“I appreciated the input my interviewer gave. She was honest and related my interests and situation to her life experiences.”

“This opportunity helped me immensely! I am planning to do an upcoming competitive on-campus interview, and now I feel prepared to go in and clearly and effectively display my skills. My interviewer gave me specific and helpful feedback and showed me how to take my interviewing skills from average to exceptional. Very helpful!”

Employer Site Visit Program

Through visiting an organization on site, CLA students are able to experience a work culture firsthand while learning about current and emerging career paths. Site visits are an opportunity to learn from current employees, who are often CLA alumni, about their career journey and what they love about their work. These visits are opportunities for CLA students to enhance their career readiness by making connections and gaining insights on their own liberal arts advantage! The Employer Site Visit Program is coordinated by CLA Career Services and sponsored by the CLA Alumni Society. Past visits have included bswing, CH Robinson, Hennepin County Government Center, Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, Target, The Arc Minnesota, and TPT - Twin Cities PBS, among others.

The University of Minnesota Job and Internship Fair

The University of Minnesota Job and Internship Fair is the biggest career fair in Minnesota. Held in February, it gives you the chance to explore unique job and internship opportunities with hundreds of employers in a variety of industries. 

The fair is open to all enrolled U of M students—both undergraduate and graduate—as well as alumni who have graduated in the past three years.

Learn more about job/career fairs in the CLA Career Readiness Guide which covers, in depth, all of the career-related topics you’ll need to consider as a liberal arts student. Access the guide online, or pick up a copy in CLA Career Services or in one of the CLA Academic Advising offices.