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Alumni Spotlight: Jorge Espinoza '19

October 8, 2019

cla alumni Jorge Espinoza, ‘19 
Business Management Associate, General Mills
Major: Communication Studies

What does your professional work entail? What does a typical day look like, for you?
Supporting our foodservice business in providing insights through data reporting. I also support the national account executives in providing business insights. 

How do you utilize your liberal arts degree in your career?
I use my degree everyday in my role. I am able to communicate effectively and also analyze the business needs through thoughtful analysis. I am also able to problem solve whenever tasks are given to me.

How did you get to where you are today? What influenced your decision to pursue this path?
I surrounded myself with people who encouraged and believed in me. My family, mentors, and friends helped me in learning how to work hard and keep learning. I am passionate about business and getting to meet the needs of people, so this is a perfect path for me to practice both!

Are there any professional organizations, networking groups, or other resources you would recommend?
Use the resources that are available to you. Most students never used the resources while I was in school. Things like practice interviews, career fairs, and employer panels are crucial in learning for yourself how to approach your journey.