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Intern Spotlight: Gabriella Doyle

May 1, 2019
student intern

Name: Gabriella Doyle

Internship Site: Edina Police Department

Major: Sociology of Law, Criminology & Deviance and French Studies
Core Career Competencies:
Active Citizenship & Community Engagement
Oral & Written Communication

Getting Here: I got my internship purely through searching for Police Departments that offered internships.

The Work: Completing this internship has shown me what it takes to have a career in law enforcement and has shown me many new skills that I can take into my academic career at the U. The skills I will take from the internship into my senior year are communication skills and the ability to adapt myself to many different and evolving situations. This internship has further proven to me that I am certain in my career goals of going into law enforcement and police work.

Based on this experience, I am going to continue to pursue my goals by finishing college, going to skills training, and getting my law enforcement certificate. My supervisor's review of my work also taught me a lot about myself. I hadn’t really realized how much I had learned just generally about law enforcement through my internship until my supervisor and I really talked about it. He showed me how I came into the internship having a few vague ideas about what it means to be a police officer in Edina and I left with a totally new understanding of the role of law enforcement in my community.

Tip: Be open to new experiences! You are more adaptable than you know. Ask for help when you need it, don't ever be afraid to ask for clarification, I did this many times throughout my internship and was actually able to learn a lot more through my willingness to ask questions.