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Internship Spotlight: Kim Vu

May 1, 2019

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Kim Vu
Internship Site: Kohl’s
Title: Public Relations Intern
Major: Strategic Communication, Hubbard School of Journalism

How did you find out about your Internship?

I was looking through internship postings on GoldPASS/Handshake, and came across an internship posting from Kohl's!

What did you enjoy most about your internship?

During my internship, I loved getting to work with national magazines and TV shows to implement Kohl's products into their segments. It was so cool to see how a pitch that I wrote, or a product that I featured, would gain media traction with well-known publications and broadcasts to eventually be featured. I'd sometimes turn on the TV to see a Kohl's product featured in one of Good Morning America's segments, and it was unbelievable to think that I had established a strong relationship with Good Morning America for them to make the decision to show the product to their 4 million viewers.

What's one piece of advice you would give other students about securing an exciting internship?

I don't think that this gets stressed enough, but I would encourage students to focus on company culture and values. The company that you represent should ultimately resonate with your personality and work ethic. For me, that was Kohl's. I found a company that was fun, innovative, and fast-paced - yet, I enjoyed every second of it. You are going to be immersed in that company for the whole duration of your internship, so find a company that you can connect with on a personal level.