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Internship Spotlight: Taylor Leapaldt

September 5, 2019
Taylor Leapaldt

Taylor Leapaldt

Internship Site: Minnesota Zoo
Title: Education Naturalist
Major: BIS in Nonprofit Business, Communications, and Sustainability
Core Career Competencies: Oral & Written Communication, Teamwork & Leadership, Career Management

The Work: Through this internship, I taught youth about the animals at the Zoo and the importance of conservation. I also worked on multiple small projects for the education department and developed a nature play curriculum for the following summer months.  It tied in well with my communications and sustainability parts of my major as I am studying these in order to be able to well communicate and educate the public on the issues of conservation and wildlife. 

Tips for Success: Don't be afraid to act excited at your interview or while at your new internship. Supervisors love the enthusiasm and want someone who is passionate about what they will be working with. I know a big trend right now is to just keep "chill and playing it cool," but that's not going to help you stand out and show your personality and passion.