Wellbeing and the Job Search

We acknowledge that students are experiencing a variety of emotions during these unique circumstances. If you are feeling overwhelmed due to impacts related to COVID-19, you are not alone. Managing your wellbeing is important, and career counselors can help you identify and co-create manageable next steps related to your career goals, which can help reduce anxiety surrounding the job search. You can schedule an individual appointment with a career counselor by visiting clacareer.appointments.umn.edu.

You may also want to watch this short video for Tips for Maintaining Wellbeing During Quarantine.

Additionally, there are several other resources available to help you manage your overall wellbeing:

  • Student Counseling Services (SCS) is available to support students, to finish out their semester as strong as they can, given our present circumstances. SCS has moved services online and is offering emotional support/mental health services in two primary ways:
    • Meet 1:1 with a counselor: Students interested in meeting with a counselor at SCS, or a student who has not met with a counselor at SCS for 6 months can fill out this form to get started. Contact counseling@umn.edu with any questions.
    • Attend the Coping with COVID Workshop: designed to help students manage this stress and learn new ways of coping and caring for yourself, including skills to build resilience, mood management strategies, relaxation techniques, and general self-care. Simply complete this brief (4 questions!) sign-up form, and the facilitators will reply with next steps.
  • Boynton Health has put together a set of recommendations for wellbeing during COVID-19. To protect students’ mental health, students should prioritize sleep, eating, and tasks of daily living; the other categories on this document (linked above) are optional components of holistic wellbeing that change person-to-person, and even day-to-day. Boynton Health remains open for a variety of physical and mental health services, both in-person and virtually.
  • De-Stress is offering Virtual Stress Check-ins via Zoom. Stress Check-ins provide an opportunity for support to talk through stress in your life, come up with solutions, and to connect with campus resources.
  • The Earl E. Bakken Center for Spirituality and Healing offers free-of-charge digital resources to all University affiliates including weekly Stress Busters guided mindfulness meditations, and webinars.
  • University Alumni Association Webinar: Remotely Well: 5 Essential Elements of #Quarantine Well Being

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