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Graduate School

NOTE: There are a few things students should be aware of that are new to Fall 2020, given the COVID-19 epidemic. See below for more information.

Changes to graduate or professional school planning: 

  • First, tours of different institutions have gone virtual. Reach out to Admissions (or Graduate Admissions) of the schools you are interested in.  This new capability is likely to exist.
  • Plan ahead for letters of recommendation you will need. Most schools will want the names and email addresses of those who will be supplying these letters. Plan ahead and expect more complexity getting all the logistics in place. We suggest you make sure you 1) talk with your recommenders ahead of time, 2) let them know the names of the institutions you’re applying to, 3) confirm their email address, and 4) share with them a current copy of your resume. Allow individuals ample time to prepare these recommendation letters, and always send a thank you.  
  • Given the COVID crisis, letters of recommendations will be submitted / uploaded using a link supplied by the institution. For students that need to take the GRE as one component of their graduate school application, there is now an option for taking the general test at home.
  • Interested in GRE test prep? Visit the official GRE website or other test prep resources like Kaplan, Inc. (pricing varies) or try LinkedIn Learning, free to UMN students, where you can find free Test Prep GRE modules.

For Pre-Law students:

For Pre-Health students:

  • S/N grading for health program prerequisites: All of the UMN health science programs have made a decision about accepting S/N courses for prerequisites taken in Spring 2020 (they will all accept them). Their responses can be found here, along with links to centralized application and association pages, national virtual fairs, etc. This document is linked from the Pre-Health Student Resource Center health program prerequisites page, and they will continue to add to it as more information is gathered.
  • The Pre-Health Student Resource Center has been doing outreach to other schools, too -  specifically reaching out to the top schools UMN students apply to across disciplines. They have found that many schools will accept S/N courses taken this spring, but not all.  Students are encouraged to do their own research for specific schools they are interested in.

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Applying to Graduate School

Maybe you’ve been thinking about graduate school for years. Or maybe it’s a brand new idea. Either way, it can be a complicated undertaking.

But it’s invigorating, too. And we can help you succeed! 

Learn how to explore and evaluate your many graduate/professional school options, prepare your application materials, and make informed decisions about your graduate/professional school pursuits.

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Review our Graduate School Planning Handout

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